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More Of You by Camille Parkman at 19:10

Jesus Happened by Baylor Wilson at 19:07

You Know by Laura Kaczor at 19:04

Standing in His Favor by Backstage Revival at 18:59

Echo by Elevation Worship feat. Tauren Wells at 18:56

God So Good by Life.Church Worship at 18:52

New Today by Micah Tyler at 18:49

Mercy by Shelby Blondell at 18:45

Smile by Sidewalk Prophets at 18:42

adad Rapha by Robert Stephen McWhirter & Jason Clayborn at 18:37

Waters May Rise by Chelsea Amber at 18:34

Rise Above the Storm by Maxine Reyes at 18:31

Soul Worth Saving by Apollo LTD at 18:30

Soul Worth Saving by Apollo LTD at 18:27

My Heart is Yours by TroyAnderson at 18:24

The Glory is the Lord's by Melanie Waldman at 18:20

We're Alive by Natural State at 18:17

Fill Me Now by Bunmilola at 18:12

Conrad Neufeld by 306 291 3230 at 18:12

Everything to Me by David Bracken at 18:09

Remind Me You're Here by Jason Gray at 18:05

How You Love Me by Patrick Mayberry at 18:02

God Is In This Story by Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave at 17:58

New Day by Danny Gokey at 17:55

Mile After Mile by Andrew Kurtz at 17:51

The Lord's Prayer by Citizen Way at 17:47

Chris Irrigation Blow Outs Miracles by 306 222 7969 Colton Dixon at 17:44

Things That I'm Afraid Of by Josh Wilson at 17:41

Alive by NONAH at 17:38

Captain by Hunter Brothers at 17:35

Battle Belongs by Phil Wickham at 17:31

When I Say Yes by Jason Gray at 17:30

When I Say Yes by Jason Gray at 17:28

Through & Through by Fellowship Creative at 17:24

Made To Fly by Colton Dixon at 17:20

Conrad Neufeld by 306 291 3230 at 17:20

I Will Fear No More by The Afters at 17:16

GA Cleaners Monument by 222 4610 Andrea Olson at 17:12

Steven Auto by 813 51 St E C at 17:11