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New Day by Rick Stephenson at 01:30

New Day by Rick Stephenson at 01:27

Wherever We Go by TRINITY at 01:24

Gentle Whisper by Backstage Revival at 01:20

Steven Auto by 813 51 St E C at 01:19

Spend A Life by David Dunn at 01:16

Let Us Sing by Jeff Arrandale at 01:12

Unbelief by Rachelle Luk at 01:09

Move by Lincoln Brewster at 01:06

Jump by Switch at 01:02

Wide Open by North Point InsideOut at 00:59

Shine A Light In The Darkness by Rick Lee James at 00:55

Let Faith Move You by Jonny Diaz at 00:52

Jesus Won by Fresh Life Worship at 00:47

Freedom by Jason Fowler at 00:44

Lay It Down by Mallary Hope at 00:41

Joy by Tori Harper at 00:37

Paradise by Sky Terminal at 00:34

I'm Letting Go by Tom Golly at 00:31

Meet Jesus by Jonny Diaz at 00:30

Meet Jesus by Jonny Diaz at 00:27

Lightning by The Afters at 00:24

Again by Scott Chandler (featuring Wazer) at 00:20

So Alive by Jeremy Riley at 00:16

adad by Robert at 00:16

Key to my Heart by Corey Lueck at 00:13

Heart Stops Beating by Joshua Micah at 00:09

Raise a Hallelujah by Jonathan and Melissa Helser at 00:05

Healer by Hope Eternal at 00:05

Healer by Hope Eternal at 00:01

Peace Be Still The War Within by Hope Darst Lindsay Ray at 23:58

Peace Be Still by Hope Darst at 23:54

Empty Hands by Sydney Guerrette (featuring Grant McCurdy) at 23:50

Look What You've Done by Tasha Layton at 23:46

You Hold It All by We Are Vessel at 23:43

My Weapon by Natalie Grant at 23:39

Fly by Millwoodscreative at 23:36

I Will Fear No More by The Afters at 23:32

All Things New by Big Daddy Weave at 23:28