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Jesus Is Your Name by Emma Danzey at 01:46

You Are Worthy by Denise Pass at 01:43

Once and For All by Laura Kaczor at 01:39

adad by Robert at 01:39

Melody by Suanesha at 01:35

New Day by Rick Stephenson at 01:31

Miracles by Colton Dixon at 01:28

Feet of Jesus by Adelaide at 01:25

Forever Now A Crown by Shelly Moore at 01:22

Healer by Jason Fowler at 01:18

Count Them All by JJ Weeks Band at 01:15

Reason by Unspoken at 01:11

Speak To Me by Dan Bremnes at 01:08

Hold On Job by Band Reeves at 01:05

You by Apollo LTD at 01:01

Love by We Are Messengers at 01:00

Love by We Are Messengers at 00:58

Faith and Wonder by Meredith Andrews at 00:54

Same God by Hannah Kerr at 00:51

Nothing Without You by Katy Dahl at 00:48

Completely by LEDGER at 00:45

You Be The Light by Cherie Brennan at 00:40

The Struggle by Suanesha at 00:37

If I Trust In You by Joel Vaughn at 00:34

Empty Hands by Sydney Guerrette (featuring Grant McCurdy) at 00:30

Empty Hands by Sydney Guerrette (featuring Grant McCurdy) at 00:29

Through It All by Cy Jackson at 00:26

I Will Fear No More by The Afters at 00:22

Enough by Abigail Sloane at 00:19

We Draw Near by Camille Parkman at 00:15

Song of the Army by Kat Wassenaar at 00:11

Constant by Andrew Marcus at 00:08

Doxology by Stars Go Dim at 00:03

Faith by Jordan Feliz at 00:00

Blessing I Can't See by Building 429 feat. Brook(e) at 23:56

Glory Roaring by Fresh Life Worship at 23:51

Miracles by Alisa Turner at 23:47

The Cross Still Stands by Johnson Ferry Worship at 23:43

One Light by One Light at 23:39