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Mountain Move by Marcus & Jalyn McGill at 21:16

I Can't Help Myself by Band Reeves at 21:12

My Victory by Tehillah Worship at 21:09

Something New by Paul Good at 21:06

What A God You Are by Andrea Olson at 21:02

Glory I Couldn't See by Mike Donehey at 20:59

You Will Be Found by Natalie Grant & Cory Asbury at 20:55

Patient by Apollo LTD at 20:52

Goodness Gracious by SONS THE BAND at 20:48

Forever Now A Crown by Shelly Moore at 20:45

All Along by Sanctus Real at 20:42

First Things First by Consumed By Fire at 20:37

Kingdom Come by Conor + Emma at 20:34

Whatever Comes by Revival Music Co at 20:31

Then Christ Came by MercyMe at 20:30

Then Christ Came by MercyMe at 20:27

You Never Let Go by Tim Timmons at 20:23

Exodus Song by Shealy Worship at 20:20

To The Ones by Bringing Home at 20:15

House Of The Lord by Phil Wickham at 20:11

It's All About The Kingdom by Michael Lawrence Peel at 20:08

Home by Ben Compton at 20:04

Steady Ground by April Geesbreght at 20:00

Redemption Song by Apollo LTD at 20:00

Redemption Song by Apollo LTD at 19:57

Rainbows by Cori & Kelly at 19:54

When I Finally Make it Home by Brandon Hixson / Tabernacle Worship at 19:50

Miracle Maker by Erik Nieder at 19:46

Beauty In My Praise by Amanda Janson at 19:43

This Is What We Live For by Big Daddy Weave at 19:39

Identity by Kierra Noelle at 19:36

Who Else by Gateway Worship at 19:32

You Know by Bethany Barnard at 19:30

You Know by Bethany Barnard at 19:28

Gentle Whisper by Backstage Revival at 19:24

God You Are by We Are Messengers at 19:20

Pray To Me by Fishburn at 19:16

Face Like Flint by terce. at 19:12

Captain by Hunter Brothers at 19:09

God Is Able by Patrick Dopson at 19:06

More Than Able by Maverick City Music at 19:03

Follow Through by Band Reeves at 18:59

Resisting You by Mathew Maciel at 18:56

Overwhelmed by Jaime Masetta at 18:52

I Used To Be by Jason Fowler at 18:49

My Perfect Mistake by Augusta Purvis at 18:46

Here by Yemi Alafifuni at 18:42

Save the Day by Anthem Worship at 18:37

Don't Give Up Now by Damara Melissa at 18:35

If I Got Jesus by Ben Fuller at 18:31

Coming Back by Thrive Worship at 18:30

Coming Back by Thrive Worship at 18:27

God So Good by Life.Church Worship at 18:23

Heaven Changes Everything by Big Daddy Weave at 18:20

In You by Iveth Luna at 18:17

God Help Me by Unspoken at 18:13

Every Dream (God Who Sees) by Brian Doerksen & Marika Siewert at 18:10

Everything I Need by Dimas Cortez at 18:06

God Gave Me Freedom by Anthem Lights at 18:03

Bury Me In The Water by Ben Myers at 17:59

Love One Another by Newsboys at 17:56

I See Grace by Micah Tyler at 17:53

My Light by Colton Dixon at 17:51

Nothing More by Layla Capri at 17:47

Petra concert by May 31 at 17:47

You're Not Done by Leeland at 17:43

What He Didn't Do by Landry Cantrell at 17:39

Over All by Braden David at 17:36

Freedom Fighter by Jonathan Turner at 17:32

My Heart is Yours by TroyAnderson at 17:30

My Heart is Yours by TroyAnderson at 17:29

All Things New by Big Daddy Weave at 17:25

On Our Way by MercyMe feat. Sam Wesley at 17:21

Steven Auto by 813 51 St E C at 17:21 by June 7-8 at 17:21

Brian Doerksen Concert by at 17:20

In The Room by Matt Maher at 17:16

Build A Boat by Colton Dixon at 17:13

Silver and Gold by Corey Lueck at 17:10

He is With You by Adam Agee at 17:07

God's Not Done by Dimas Cortez at 17:02

Three by Jackson Michelson at 17:00

Three by Jackson Michelson at 16:59

Me on Your Mind by Matthew West at 16:55

I Don't Have Much by Mission House at 16:52

Goodness of God by Jenn Johnson at 16:48

Jireh by BRIGHT at 16:44

Into the Wild by Josh Baldwin at 16:41

Petra concert by May 31 at 16:40

King of Hope by Hope's Creed at 16:36

Source Of Life by Cade Thompson at 16:33

Tell My Fight by Ascent Project at 16:29

What If by Matthew West at 16:25

Fight On My Knees by Evan Craft at 16:22

Fingerprints by Dan Bremnes at 16:19

Wholehearted by We Are Messengers at 16:16

Just As I Am by Jason Crabb at 16:13

We Never Stop by Corey Lueck at 16:10

From Where I'm Standing by Gissela at 16:06

I've Got Joy by CeCe Winans at 15:59

Better Hallelujah by Jay Davids at 15:55

Do It For You by Jason Crabb at 15:52

Son of Suffering by Matt Redman at 15:48

Feet of Jesus by Adelaide at 15:45

Burn The Ships by for KING & COUNTRY at 15:38

Moving On by Love & The Outcome at 15:34

Do You Know by Nathan Sheridan at 15:31

Amen by Bunmilola at 15:30

Amen by Bunmilola at 15:27

In The Name by Lakewood Music at 15:23

Meet Jesus by Jonny Diaz at 15:20

Good Feeling by Austin French at 15:17

In The Name Of Jesus by Amanda Janson at 15:14

Hide by Quincy Telus at 15:10

We Ain't Gonna Lose by Bisola at 15:06

There is Freedom by Josh Baldwin at 15:02

So Help Me God by Nash Revival at 14:58

Wherever I Go by Jason Fowler at 14:56

Welcome The King by Destiny Worship Music at 14:52

Gratitude by Brandon Lake at 14:48

What I Really Need by Bryan Fowler at 14:44

God Only Knows by for KING & COUNTRY and Dolly Parton at 14:41

Thankful by VERSES at 14:37